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Development and Sales of AI Medical Devices Using Artificial Intelligence AI Technology

At Aillis has been working on the development of a new and different examination method that comprehensively treats diseases through AI-based decision-making technology based on throat (pharyngeal) photographs, medical interview information, etc.
The first product, an AI-equipped pharyngoscopy system, was launched in December 2022. At the same time, the process of diagnosing influenza using this system in Japan became a health application.

Hardware technology: Development of a specialized camera optimized for imaging the pharynx.

One of the medical procedures that physicians perform based on their many years of experience is the examination of the throat (pharynx). Because the pharynx is directly visible to the doctor, it has not been analyzed as image data like a gastrocamera, but Aillis has converted this examination process into data.
At Aillis has developed a special camera in-house that can capture images of the pharynx suitable for AI. This camera is a web-connected IoT medical device that instantly synchronizes the captured pharyngeal photographs to the cloud, allowing the images to be viewed in real time using a familiar PC in the clinic.
At Aillis is using this camera to accumulate pharyngeal photographs in collaboration with more than 100 medical institutions, and is also developing AI-based diagnostic imaging technology.

AI technology: AI technology to identify infectious diseases from pharyngeal photographs

For example, in the case of influenza, a distinctive sign called influenza follicle appears in the throat. However, not only influenza, but also many colds and even completely healthy people show similar signs at the back of their throats. Only a physician with many years of experience can make a diagnosis of influenza from an examination of the throat.
We are committed to reproducing the "eyes of a master doctor" and various other doctor's examination techniques with the power of AI.

Software Technology: Development of a robust AI platform that can run AI fast and safely

In order to reproduce the superior skills of master doctors, Aillis' AI incorporates a variety of innovations. We have developed proprietary parallel computing technology to process this high-level, complex AI at high speed. On top of that, we leverage the latest cloud infrastructure to create a robust data infrastructure that can securely handle large amounts of data.
We use the latest web technologies in our quest for a user interface that is easy for physicians to use.

Towards social application of medical data and further problem solving

At Aillis has accumulated pharyngeal photographs and medical data with the cooperation of many patients and has developed AI. Iris' AI-equipped pharyngoscopy system has already been introduced in many clinics and is used for diagnosis on a daily basis. The new data accumulated through such medical treatment is data of high social significance, which can be used to improve the performance of AI through future research and to determine more diseases. Iris is committed to solving social issues through further future AI development and by using these databases to collaborate with national and local authorities on infectious disease countermeasures.